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Our vision is to become the leading, multi-dimensional, hi-tech, customer-centric, and globally-focused group. We harness cutting-edge technology to manufacture and deliver world-class engineering products and services, shaping the future of mobility and technology.

Our mission is to be the preferred choice of our customers through relentless focus on innovation, uncompromising quality, timely product delivery, and the design development of products that precisely meet our customers' needs.



Grateful for the unwavering dedication and visionary leadership of our invaluable business partners.



  • Design Facilities
  • Production Facilities
  • Development Facilities

Design Facilities

AB Engineering's plant is custom-designed and built to function with different systems.

  • CAD based JIG, C/F & tooling based on Japanese & Thai standards.
  • Software for CAD:
  • AutoCAD
  • NX-6
  • Software for CAM:
  • Software for CAE:
  • Pro-E Wildfire
  • Autofoam
  • Master CAM
  • Hyperfoam

Production Facilities

AB Enginneering's production facilities include:
These state-of-the-art facilities enable us to produce high-quality auto parts and sheet metal components with precision and efficiency, meeting the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

  • Shearing Shop and Tube Fabrication:
  • Two Hydraulic Benders
  • Cutter
  • Three Lathe Machines
  • Press Machine (20 – 80 Tons)
  • Heavy Press Shop:
  • Hydraulic Presses (150 - 750 Tons)
  • Pneumatic Presses (20 – 800 Tons)
  • Mechanical & Power Presses (20 – 200 Tons)
  • Welding Shop:
  • MIG & Spot Welding Machines
  • Spot Welding Machines (15 – 100 AMPS)
  • Digital Panels
  • MIG Welding Machines
  • Hanging Spot Gun
  • Digital Panel with STR

Development Facilities

The Development facilities at AB Engineering are as follows:

  • Conventional Manufacturing Machines:
  • Four Vertical CNC including One Jig Borer & High Speed Machining Centers with the following available capacities:
  • Jig Boring
  • X=650mm -1,275mm
  • Plainer
  • Y=410mm - Z=400mm -
  • Lathe Machine
  • CNC Wire Cut:
  • Drill Machines
  • X= 280 mm
  • Surface Grander
  • Y = 360 mm
  • Gas Cutter
  • Z= 200 mm

Our Affiliates

Jama Engineering



Deokjae Constructions


Achievement Avard

At AB Engineering, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and the recognition we have received from our peers and industry experts. These awards and achievements serve as a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch products/services and our relentless pursuit of innovation.!

We're proud to have received these awards, which highlight our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, innovation, and community engagement. These accolades inspire us to continue delivering high-quality products/services and making a positive impact on our community.